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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Mirage Chapter-7 Part-4

7. A long Night


He could feel her breath on his neck and it was warm and he was turned on by her pliant body in his arms that now belonged to him! She lowered her long eye lashes as his lips sought hers and as he bent to have a first taste of his bride...

'Did he marry her out of lust? Love was out of question as they never ever saw each other. Then even for lusting after her there should be a base. It seemed illogical to Khuhsi. He did not look like a man who would let his heart or his whims rule his mind. Common! But why was she feeling attracted to him! Is she so easy that a stranger comes gets married to her by force and she falls for him?' Khushi was in turmoil  as such and now she felt Arnav seemed to be attracted to her. 

'To her? How can it be possible. The man who is supposed to be the most popular and eligible bachelor, after whom were the countries talked about models and celebrities, comes and marries a simple plain Jane from Ranpur! What for? It din't match."

 She saw Arnav swooping down on to her lips when she opened her eyes and somehow it did not seem right to her.Khushi could not give herself to a total stranger although now he was her husband! 'Jiji was right! He needed to know why he did all this first before moving forward with this relationship. 
As she got the idea she tried to move back but she could not as Arnav's arm was around her shoulders clamping her to him. So she turned her head to her left avoiding his gaze and his lips and as Arnav did not expect this, he halted for a minute and it was enough for Khushi to loosen herself from his tight embrace and she tried to move away but could not free her palm from his grip and had to just stand their with her back to him where his outstretched hand held hers in a death grip.

Arnav for the life of him did not understand what had happened and when it dawned he was absolutely mad at Khushi! How dare she avoids him! What does she think of him and more over when she agreed to marry him which is because of some consideration from him in return how can she think she will not oblige him.
Arnav never forced any lady in his life and he never had to as the women were only too willing to oblige him. So this came as a long slap on his ego and he lost his logic there and all that mattered was a primitive urge to establish suprimacy.
He crushed her hand in his and did not let go. Khushi was too dignified to struggle to free her hand and embarrass herself! 
She just stood there and closed her eyes. He is her life now and she is going away from him!This and everything as such is wrong. The basis for their marriage. His attitude and reasoning behind the institution of marriage, The so called deal! What is she supposed to do now!He is her husband and she cannot deny him when it comes to that. But If their needs to be a relationship then they need to touch base somewhere. She cannot imagine having any kind of intimacy before there is a clarity about the situation on both sides...hell! She doesn't even know why he married her in the first place!

As Khushi thought about her options, she failed to notice as well as could never ever imagine nor forget what happened next!
Instead of pulling her back, Arnav walked up to her and with his hand still holding her right hand caught her left shoulder with his left hand bent slightly and kissed her back between the tie ons of her choli. Khushi was shocked and her reaction was immediate! She shuddered and at the same time tried to move further away as she was now completely confused and also disappointed with herself as she found herself responding to his touch. Its as if her body had its own mind and for now it was in communion with Arnav's motives.

ASR did not understand the woman in his arms. She was reluctant and unwilling to yield to him, although not explicitly stating the fact. But somehow  at the same time he found that she was connected to him physically and emotionally so much so that he felt her responding at some level.
The confusion unleashed dark fury in him and he left her right hand which he was holding with his right hand and pinning her to the spot with his left hand that was  on her shoulder he very roughly put his right hand on to her belly and held her to him continuing to leave a trail of tiny kisses up her back in between the doris of her blouse to her neck and nuzzled her right ear turning her slightly to him.

Khushi was lost in the whirlwind of sensation and she could not do much as she realised that her husband was a master at seduction!She kept her eyes closed and tried to control her breath which was heavy and troubled!Hey Devi Mayya! Yeh kaisa uljhan hai! Hum kyo itnah kamzor pad rahey hain!  

( Whats this puzzle? And why  am  I weakening!)
I am not supposed to like him leave alone his touch but here i am shaking like a leaf when all he did is just kiss me very subtly. What would happen if... the thought of Arnav's love making jerked her into reality and the Jethwa pride in her made her stubborn, so much so that she again tried to move away by moving further in front and realised a little late that it was a mistake.
'What the? No lady has withstood his charm and this woman happens to be his wife! And she is shaking him off as if he is a fly!' Arnav got absolutely charged and the soft skin of the beautiful lady in his arms only ignited his passion further...

He pushed her dupatta aside this time and bunched his hand on her belly now left bare for his touch and held the soft skin in a unique combination of tenderness and ruthlessness in his fist and Khushi just buckled on her legs as it was very erotic with his fist holding her by her belly sending shivers down her spine!
Then he lowered his lips to the spot below her earlobe and touched his lips very softly. Khushi jerked open her eyes and heard a soft wishper in her ear" Thats more like it Mrs. Raizada! Never ever close your eyes on me! Is it understood. You hide moreand you will see that i seek more! You deny more and i shall take more!" His hand tightened  a trifle on her belly making her to open her eyes wider in shocked stupor!Then as he spoke he slowly turned her to him and with his left hand touched her pulse at the base of her throat and Khushi knew he did that to not only  tell himself that she was not unaffected by him but also to show her the same!
With his right hand still holding her soft flesh he slowly pulled her to him and with his left hand he caught her hair and pulled her head back all the while staring into her eyes tearing her apart and bent to finish what he started a few minutes back...


There was a loud noise and Arnav jerked out of the trance  The lantern on the nearest post under which they were standing crashed to the ground breaking into pieces of glass and the shards were strewn everywhere! How it fell they could not make out.

Arnav recollected looking up to find a shadow move across the jutting cliff above! He was sure that the shadows cast by the lanterns were playing havoc with his imagination!
He then recalled how Khushi instantaneously hugged him in fear and realised guiltily that at the same time she steered him away from the sound and even now was shielding his body with hers without even knowing what happened.
That was a natural reaction and not faked. He could see that! How can a woman have so many shades to her? he thought!
"Its ok Khushi! "He cajoled her!

Khushi who was still hugging him tightly looked up still holding him and asked, "Arnavji ! aap theek hain?" Arnav just recollected what was he upto when the lantern crashed and closed his eyes. He rested his chin on her forehead and said... "I guess I am! Now!"

Arnav realised one thing! There was a link to the chain of events that he was missing and till then he has to be patient. This is something related to people relationships and feelings that were interwoven in such an entangeled web that one mistake would create a ripple effect on several people and families not to mention relationships.
The lady in his arms would be the worst victim and in his entire life he had never hurt anyone and especially a lady!He was a Raizada and his pride and family honour was paramount as all this might end up with the media if he did not act tactfully. It would also save a lot of people...people who he cared for and who cared for him from getting hurt and most importantly the woman whom he married if she turned out to be innocent after all!

He inadvertantly tightened his arms and Khushi looked up and found her husband eyes veiled again by some inscrutable expression.
Arnav immediately recovered and realised he was wearing his chadaaws still while Khushi was barefoot!
He also recalled again how she was protective of him when the lantern crashed!
He decided rest his plan for a while by thanking her in a special way. What Khushi had undergone was a bit too much for anyone to take in  a few days. He lifted her up effortlessly in his arms and touched his lips to her maang and said" welcome to my life Mrs. Raizada!"

Khushi was stunned. she realised her husband was an enigma! Just a few minutes back he was like a man possessed so much so that she herself started believing that he lusted after her and a second back he was miles away from her although holding her and in the next instant he was making her lungs explode with happiness by welcoming her into his life as if he and she got married out of love!

Arnav saw her blushing again! Mother of @#$%! What is he supposed to do. if he had known that Khushi Kumariji Bhanu Singhji Jethwa is actually so hot that she would blow his fuse out everytime she came within a radius of one kilometer to him,  he would have opted for legal recourse. he would not have committed emotional suicide like now!

She then realised her hand was on his chest and made to remove it but Arnav gave her a long look that conveyed so many things. 'Don't! I want you to be with me always! Will you be? won't you be.'

...As she read him again, that mask fell on his eyes again. she made  an effort to get down and he thwarted her attempts by sayin," Wait! there are shards of glass and you are bare foot! Lemme take you in."

 He carried her into the room where the bed was messed up on one side... as the juice glass she left in the tray on the bed when Payal happened, was knocked off when they both fell on the bed spilling the residual content.

Arnav put her down and checked his watch. It was three in the morning!

"Khushi? when are we supposed to go for the early whats that ritual?"

"Surya Namaskar!" She supplied!
"Yeah so when do we need to get up?" he asked again removing his wallet from his sherwani pocket.
"Ji Char baje!( 4  in the morning)" she answered.

"What? Are you...? Unbelievable man! Jethwaas must be a crazy lot! shaadi marne se pehle wali rasm hogi! kyun?"

He looked at Khushi and he saw a lady whose eyes were slightly red! Oh my! temper! Strong family sentiments brother! Family name and all he thought! he was impressed! A few minutes back she was a confused yet strong willed bride and  a second ago she was vulnerable yet held on without surrendering to his will and in an instant she was blushing like a normal bride who thought the world of her husband!

A very tough contender this bride of his would be to him!
"Lets sleep" he said and realised how suggestive it sounded when he looked up to find Khushi trembling looking everywhere but at him.
Then he ammended saying... "we have less than an hour to sleep. Lets rest! "
He went to have a wash and change.
A visibly relieved Khushi made for the bed and took a pillow and went to the small ante room and placed it on the floor! She was about to lie down when Arnav returned and he called out to her saying "Khushi you sleep here i will sleep on the couch."
Khushi realised he did not see that they removed the couch in the evening to use it in the dining room.  The bed had juice on one side so that only one person could sleep on it.
Instead she said," couch aapko chota padega! I am fine here. Good night. "
Arnav shrugged his shoulders! Its been a very heavy and long day! Infact the whole week and he needed rest to slear up his muddled brain.He said "Good night! "and switched off the lights.

Khushi lay on the floor looking at the ceiling that was studded with mirrors that were now twinkling like stars whenever the light from the lamps and lanterns outside flickered on them!This is not technically a suhaagraat but what ever! she did not expect to be in this situation or condition ever,after her marriage. From what she was made to understand, Arnav Singh Raizada could not wait for one single day without her so he coaxed his Nani and Di and arm twisted Shashi Singhji to get her married off to him at the earliest! He even offered to pay for the expenses of the wedding! The case being that Khushi expected the groom to pounce on her either emotionally or well if he lusted after her physically! But he was happily measuring the length of the bed while he was oblivious of his bride sleeping somewhere in the ante room minutes after he made a passionate move on her!

"Khushi... Khushi.... "Garima's voice echoed through the passage door!

Arnav woke up with a start! He immediately checked the time it was half past four.
He was disoriented for a minute looking at the mirror studded ceiling and then realised he was at SheeshMahal and not at the shantivan!
"Aunty just a second"... He stumbled across to the ante room and he found a pillow on the floor there and it dawned on to him that there was no couch at all! That means she slept on the floor and there was only one blanket in the room which he used.  It dawned on to him that his sudden exit from the mandap prevented the Jethwas from making arrangements in his suit!

Arnav saw red! She lied to him! And if a lady can lie so smoothly about something so trivial... his thoughts were running hay wire when the noise from the washroom made him aware of Khushi's presence there!

He went there and in the mean time Garima called again "Arnavji!"
He knocked on the bathroom door and called "Khushi?"
Khushi answered immediately "JI?"
"Aunty has come to wake us up and I am opening the door."
"Khushi waited for a second before saying, "ok pls do I will join you in a few minutes."
Arnav just pulled the duvet over the bed before opening the passage door!
Garima stood there with a tray which had a kettkle and two cups in it.
"Bituwa just have tea quickly and get ready!" She never stepped in and Arnav was impressed by her manners! He expected something else from such small town folk.

As he turned with the tea, Anjali walked in. She was in her night clothes still and wished Arnav and said "Chote tumhare jijaji abhi uthne wale nahi hai aur my puja mein nahi avungi nani chalengi aap ke saath. Mami ka tho abhi midnight hai "she addedlooking queerly at Arnav.
"What?" Arnav enquired.

"Nothing. I kept on imagining crashing sounds all through the night and the story matches with your eyes which are like the rising sun-red and bright so i presume you had a good rest! "she teased him.

"Arnav gave her a stare and said," I will see you after Puja Di. Good Day!" and turned to go.
"Chote? She came forward and hugged him tea tray and all and said "Khushiji is a very nice person promise me you will take care of her and keep her happy."

Arnav was touched by his sister's concern for his wife-a total stranger! He said," I will take care of her Di "and silently added and your happiness!

After telling him to carry the bag she packed for him, Anjali left.

Arnav turned and could not move an inch as he saw Khushi coming out drying her hair. She looked absolutely adorable and Arnav realized his bride always had so many surprises for him. He thought she would wear something heavy and dazzling on the first day after wedding and especially for the Puja. But here she was in a simple straight cut salwar suit in dark violet and light pink shaded silk! She was wearing only her Mangal sutra and matching bangles along with her weddding bangles in red.she had a little mark of sindhoor high up on her forehead! She was yet to put a bindi and Arnav found her very sexy standing there drying her hair oblivious of her surroundings.
She turned and said," Good Morning" oh so sweetly!
Arnav could not help but acknowledge her by wishing her!
He noticed that as it was dark still her hair was highlighted by the lamps which were now switched on and she looked very pretty and inviting with her dupatta bellowing in the soft morning breeze which was a trifle chilly!
He took purposeful strides towards her not breaking his eye contact and saw her eyes darting here and there nervously but seeking his again as if they could not bear not meeting his eyes!
Arnav loved the blush on her neck which spread till her neck! The sun was not up so he could not see it properly but he knew it was there allright!

The incident of the night before flashed before him and it was quickly overtaken by the fact that she lied to him. Arnav slowly approached her. Khushi was reminded of the NAtional Geographic Special where she saw how a lion stalked its pray. Arnav shoved the tray into her hands suddenly and as khushi tried to regain her balance he stared at her and walked past her!
Khushi for the life of her could not get him at all.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Mirage Chapter-7 P3

Will this woman ever be safe on her own or should he have to arrange for a twenty four hour
service-maid to keep an eye on her. But as he caught and pulled her to him she fit snugly in his arms! Just as if she was made to order for it!

He held her to him and looked at her in the dying light of the lanterns hung to the posts across the pool side. She looked bewitching and very desirable. There was something in her presence itself that turned him on! His gaze lowered to her lips! They were quivering in earnest now and she was nervous!

He bent forward and tucked a strand of hair that fell on her face and looked at her! Arnav could not help feeling very comfortable with her and something More! A sense of attraction which was from within, on its own volition and which appeared natural. She somehow was adorable and looked innocent

Should he do what he had actually planned for or should he wait for the complete investigation? 
Initially he had intended to seduce her and make her go in circles and not marry her teaching her a lesson of her life such that she never ever troubled any other lady leave alone Di.
But as he started collecting information about her family he realised they would be devastated. Plus Payal was her sister married to his brother. 
That made plan1 go bust. 
Then he decided to marry her and then do the same. Neither indulge her nor leave her. So that she would be eternally shackled to him and not free to act.

But the picture he got from his investigations and that which he saw with an experienced eye were not matching at all. She is very beautiful so much so that he could not find fault with any man falling for her! But she also looked naive and innocent but for a streak of that valour which he was told is a trait of the Jethwas. Any which way now she was a Raizada and he had his own standards. Once his wife then she will be taken care of good bad or ugly by him life long. That reduced his guilt also as he knew that, if he was wrong about Khushi then he will only be the affected! None would be harmed. 

She was like a breath of fresh air and he began to have doubts as to her involvement in the whole thing. May be she was also a victim like his Di? 
Hell!!Why was everything so difficult for him. He had to struggle always and in every aspect of life!

Khushi saw once again the changing shades of expressions on her husband's face and realised he was again thinking about her. 
What she could not understand was why and what made him marry her and what is it that he thinks whenever he looks into her eyes... she found fury, denial, hurt, doubt and even amusement and a flickr of emotion and attraction all in a package tucked into that beautiful pair of chocolate eyes!

What alarmed her was the tierdness that set into him- not just physical but also emotional. 
Actually even the doubt with which he looked at her. 
Was there any past affair? or 
...any other incident that affected him and he relived it everytime he saw her?
Was there anything she missed about him?
Should she ask Shyamji? 
She must!

The ringing of the message prompt made both of them jump and Arnav with his left hand still around her  checked his inbox... Aman! 
At last!
"Khushi can you get me something to eat?",he asked looking at Khushi.
Whatever Khushi was expecting, it was not this! She just disentangled herself and said" Ji" and went to fetch the tray Payal  got for them.
Arnav checked the message...

Chk your mail sir... AMAN
He immediately opened his mail and saw :

My sources confirmed... Cheque #237667, #237669 for a total of INR 15,00,000  + 3,00,000 have been withdrawn from the a/c no 5203 546 3809 Shyam & Anjali Manohar Jha on four consecutive days in the first week of november' 12 starting on the 2nd .
Other details...followed.

Arnav immediately texted AMAN...

ASR: Any entries into other a/cs
Aman: None sir! Bt smthng on my antenna
ASR: Wht?
Aman: A subseqnt cash transf of the same amt in2 the same a/c in the nxt 4days as itz a big amt frm an a/c in Mumbai>
ASR: D' ya trace it?
Aman: S sir!
ASR: Then shoot!
Aman:  Blongs to the CORPORAL Ltd bt a Pvt. transaction so still struggling to inch in and wrest info out...
ASR: Dammit!How long?
Aman: Trying sir. Pvt a/cs are confidential ...any a/c is... and it takes time to infiltrate. As U knw.
ASR: Just do it or  I will...
Aman: Boss!
AMAN: Congrats!
AMAN: GN sir.

Khushi handed over the tray to him. She did not say one word and she thought inwardly that if amma were there she would never believe that her chatter box of a girl did not utter more than mono syllables for the past few hours! 

She knew Payal has set the tray and she was sure Payal fixed something her Jeth liked to eat only. But as she saw him make her busy the moment he got a text message she realised she still had to earn his trust. 

But it hurt ! Common Khushi its not even a day since you got married. Give the man some time!May be he is used to being on his own all the time so... he did not even realise. She tried to argue with herself.

Arnav looked up and saw her still standing! He said, "You?" which meant aren't you having someting too? Khushi thought. She has begun to understand that her husband was a man of few words!

"Ji."She felt dismissed. Suddenly the whole day weighed on her and she became morose!She wanted to be away from everyone and Taaravar with its dying lanterns was casting shadows that reminded her of her life which was just similar! Heavy shadows of something that she did not know cast on it and she saw only a bleak light! Her faith in humanity as such as the only hope like the still waters of captive mountain stream Vaishali. She couldn't bear to stand there by his side! She turned to leave but was jerked back as Arnav caught hold of her hand and pulled her to him! 

Arnav saw her face shrivelling and he knew it was not because of her fatigue! His bride was very perceptive! Another issue for a man like him who was insensitive to the world and never cared for the consequences of his ruthlessness or so it appeared!

Then she turned away! That ignited his ego! Did she find him repulsive? Hell! She better not! 
But as he pulled her hand he remembered how she melted to him, and the instant inner connection they shared!
Oh! he was sure of that!
May be she was a gold digger!
Or may be she got carried away and now having second thoughts about Shyam!
After all being Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada was more glamourous and it went with all the perks like status, free publicity and lots of clout!
If she thought he was after her! This was the hilarious part for him as nani and Di never even tried to investigate! Else they would have known he never even saw her leave alone lust after her!
This brought him back as Khushi tried to free her hand and that infuriated ASR further!
Tough luck! If she thought he lusted after her and married her then let her get a taste of it and continue to think so as it would make it easy for him!

He put the tray on the stone bench with his left hand and pulled her further in and put his left arm round her shoulders gathering her to him. Hair that loosened from her side clips fell forward masking her teary eyes. In a low voice he said "what happened Khushi!"

It was a statement not a query.Khushi had the strangest mix of feelings since she attained adulthood. she wanted to hug him tight and cry gallons and at the same time she wanted to beat her fists on his chest and ask him why he landed her in such a mess?

But she did neither she turned away from him.... actually she turned away from her self, mentally ! she felt helpless. She  had to live with him for the rest of her life and she is married now. There was no turning back. She has to make the most of whatever was there! Whatever she could get her hands on!

Arnav saw her turmoil. He could see how helpless she felt! Like a caged bird. He brushed back hair from her face  and made her to raise her chin with his right hand. She closed her eyes!

Coz if she did not! She feared he would see her tears that were lingering on her lashes unshed and her vulnerability!

The last of the light from the lanterns cast a magical glow which flickered on the beautiful brides lashes and Arnav was captivated by the fragility of her skin, the invitation her lips gave unknown to her, the locks of hair that moved to the tune of the early morning breeze!

Arnav swooped down slowly to taste the luscious lips as he the ASR in him was challenged when his bride was repelled by him. Let us show Mrs. Raizada a little of the Raizada charm his pride said!The thumb of the right hand which was holding her chin circled her left cheek as he rubbed its pad on her soft cheek! This made Khushi slowly open her eyes!

Arnav who thought he was teaching her a lesson was left in stunned audience as the beautiful long curtains of her eye lashes inexorably opened to reveal the pools of liquid brilliance! She just stood still breathing heavily slightly trembling in anticipation and Arnav forgot his mission! He lowered his eyes and stared at her lips! They parted slightly under his scrutiny and he lost control! He inched his right thumb further to map her lower lip with his thumb and he swooped slowly down to taste her luscious lower lip...

...The night is long still... to be continued.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Hi friends... I am continuing with the First chapter treating the first write up as the prologue.

 I Would like to thank Sargam for suggesting the title and hence the Title shall carry her name here after. Thank you Sargam.

Jist: Arnav and Khushi as you have seen in the first write up have met in very romantic way. But they do not know who they are... The story is a ROMANTIC RIDDLE! A challenge thrown at love itself to solve and Arnav and Khushi be united in their destiny. Enjoy the mysterious ride with me and i have decided to open the riddles to all my friends here as we proceed with the story to unravel and enjoy how Khushi meets Arnav. I promise to make it an interesting Journey!

The Setting: This time i have opted for Hyderabad for the story revolves around many issues like locations, people culture and in order put equal punch of reality and romanticise in it as well as make it hilarious and not to forget the Mystery( Sargam would take back her title if i won't make it mysterious!), I have decided to write it in a South Indian Location Which is comfortably a mix of North and South.

Characters: I do not dare to change ASR's Character as we all love him for what he is. Same goes for Khushi.

ASR: Ruthless and successful Business tycoon and settled in Hyderabad as the Raizada's shifted their headquarter's after Arnav's parents died in a mishap in Delhi. He is therefore well versed with Hindi, English, Dakkhani and speaks a smattering of Telugu as he was born and brought up in Hyderabad. He is a Business grad from Harvard and travels widely and thats how he met Khushi in Delhi.

Khushi Kumari Guptha : She is a lively young girl- a second generation  Hyderabadi. Her ancestors came from Lucknow and she is the daughter of Shashi Guptha who is the owner of a  Mammoth Food Joint Chain in Hyderabad and Lucknow and is relatively well off.

The rest of the characters are the same with subtle changes as per the plot...

The Inexplicable Attraction-1


Arnav Singh Raizada walked out of the  Rajeev Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad.  Mohan his driver was waiting for him at the airport. 
As soon as he got into the car, he removed his aviators and smirked... the stewardess was more than curteous with him... A young lady of not more than 23 may be but he was too preoccupied to acknowledge her attention. 
First of all it was a lousy trip. The Chabrias rubbished him cause of Aman's debacle but he stood by his right hand man. Finally ASR Magic worked with a little mix of arm twisting and a gift of Hyderabadi Pearl set to Mrs Chabria and a promise to include them in his next venture down South. 

And then that beautiful lady he met in South Delhi. She was awesome. He had his share of pretty ladies but this one stood apart from everyone. She was like... like a breath of fresh air! Like an angel - innocent, simple and pleasing to his soul. 
What's wrong with him! ASR chided himself. 
He never ever bothered about any woman. 
Yes there were partners but well they remained just that. 
A social necessity and an ocassional date to relieve the stress of the modern world. Nothing more! 
But this was the first time he felt that he should know her! 
He had seen prettier faces but this face held on and he did not have any answer for it. 
May be that was called Chemistry or love at first sight! 
What rubbish! ASR you are loosing it man he mentally admonished himself.
But alas! He would never find her! He stayed for another day in Delhi and is now back in Hyderabad. He didn't even know her name dammit!

As he looked out of the window he looked at the groomed roads of the GMR Express Road and liked what he saw. He was impressed by the infrastructure and the people of the city but he was used to Delhi. 
Yet he shifted for Di. She did not want him to but he did not concede. Yes it would be difficult but he would travel. Any which way he was coming out with a big Tie up with Continental health care and The Microsoft and it made it sensible to be with their Project Development Center's at Hyderabad. At least that's how he convinced Di.

Mohan turned the vehicle from the Nehru Outer Ring Road towards the Hitech city and Jublee hills where he had got a palatial  bungalow with the whos who of Hyderabad as neighbours. 

He was just sipping his diet coke when he saw something on the cross-section near exit 13...A bright pink dupatta ... a strange awareness overtook him...  as if it was her! Common Arnav! How can it be! How can she be here unless...!
He left his question at that. 
He asked Mohan to stop and at 150 kmph Mohan slackened and took the vehicle on to the lay by. 
"Kya hua sir?"Mohan asked. 
"Can we go back a bit Mohan?"
"No sir. This is a round about. But we can exit at the next intersection and go back." 
"No leave it!"he said! 
As Mohan started his car he saw her in the rear view! It was her! She was in a Taxi. IT WAS HER ALL RIGHT! 
He turned to Mohan and said Mohan follow that taxi!
"Ji" Mohan cut the distance between them and ASR was exhilerated like a schoolkid. Whwn was the last time he was like this! he wondered. Suddenly fatigue overtook him as reality dawned. He had been overworking himself to overcome his issues with life.In the process he stopped living it. That was the truth! That IS the truth!
Sir Taxi is going towards the right we need to go straight. Never mind. said ASR. And Mohan thought he was saying just go home and he proceeded straight and Arnav shouted at him! Myne kahaa tha na usey follow karo! Kahaa tha ki nai?
"Per sir aphi ne tho...." Mohan parried with words and ASR saw the Taxi vanish into the late afternoon traffic.
He banged his fist on the arm rest of his car and closed his eyes... the beautiful face of the young woman who he missed just now floated before his eyes!
Her eyes blinking in confusion, then bewilderment and finally shy and her lips pursed holding a jalebi between them!
Get a life Arnav! You are going crazy Man! He thought.

At the Raizada mansion Anjali was on fast as it was Ekaadashi and she liked the city already as her husband was from the city plus it was a lively city. She was scared she would have to put a full stop to her puja and temple rigor. But fortunately the  city was full of temples and she was enjoying her stay while Shyam left on a project to Australia. That was the major reason for her brother to shift base to Hyderabad as she refused to go leaving him for so long.

"Aap apne chote ko sambhaliye rani saaheba! Hum yun gaye aur yun aaye!" Shyam had said. He worked as the project head for a software firm and this project was his baby.

Arnav walked into the garden and saw Di and Nani having tea in the portico. He went directly to them and sat down in one of the chairs!
"chote kaisan rahaa apka trip? Nani asked him while Anjali just came and hugged him throwing her arms around his neck standing behind his chair saying "missed you chote"

"Acchaa tha and me too di" he said while sipping his tea.

Aap nahi piyengi Di? he asked Anjali.

"Vrat rakhaa hai inhone" nani replied.
"Oh common now... Which temple now in the evening?", he half teased half enquired!
"The Puri Jagannath temple... "its nearby and we shall go early and come back!
"What we? Am i going? this is news to me!" Arnav smirked!
"Aavona chote! Nani yahan ke senior citizen Association mein jaa rahi hain!"
"Wah you people are settled here aren't you?"Arnav exclaimed.
"Now get up go and rest and i shall come and fetch you in an hour." Anjali pulled him out of the chair and pushed him indoors!


Aie khusi! Kaahe baar baar peeche dekhat hou! Rukiye na buaji itne saalon ke baad ek car humaara peechaa kar rahaatha woh bhi gaya! Hayre kismat apni. Khushi enacted fake tears and wiping them off her cheeks!
Buaji gave her a friendly slap on her back saying" Dhat! Shukar karo kaunoo janjhat mein naahi padi ho bitiyaa"

Oh Buaji i just need a good handsome sweet and hot Jhanjat! Can't you see!
This time Buaji boxed her ear and said kahin idhar udhar ki baatein tho nahi chal rahi hain tohrey dimaag mein Titaliyaa?

Nahi idhar ki nahi udhar ki hi baatein hai Nandkishore Khushi prompted her and got anotherthump on her back in return.
Payal opened her mouth for the first time! Yeh sapnonki duniyaa mein rehthi hain buaji aajkal aur humey dar hain ek din aisi phasegi ki sapna aur sach mein phasi rahegi!
Jiji aap jo bolthi hain woh sahi hotha hai! Pls tae your words back! Khushi complained.
Jo boldia so boldia ab chalo.Payal ended the conversation as the Taxi stopped before a four storied building... The Guptha House!
Garima came running and hugged Buaji and took her in. Jiji kaisi ho aap ke liye humne khaana banwaaya hai aur hum aaj vrat rakhe hai! Shaam ko sab Puri Jagannath Mandir Jayenge tayyar rehna ladkiyon. And saying this she took MAdhumati with her chatting happily.

Hai reh nandkishore! Ka ka karein ab Khushi imitated buaji and she and Payal burst out laughing!As Khushi laughed she remembered for the umpteenth time the face of that stranger who was so hot that she just forgot to eat her jalebi and drooled at him from the auto in Delhi! If only she could see his eyes but what charm he had! Hey devimayyan humaari shaadi karaadeejiye jaldi se varna idhar udhar ki baatein ho rahi hain she chuckled to herself.

Arnav was relaxing and the hot Jaccuzzi made him feel better. Where would she be? How come she was here? Is there any way he could find out about her? How? Will he ever know about her? He closed his eyes and went into sleep immediately.

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The Mirage Chapter-7 P2

THE MIRAGE by GoldenHaze

Chapter-7 A Long Night


"CHOTE!!!! ",Anjali called again and this time she tapped on the door! 

"Haan Di ek minute!" Arnav answered her and did not wait for Khushi to get up. He simply got up picking Khushi with him and as she tried to protest he silenced her by saying "SHHHHHH!!!" 

Then while putting her down just before the door, he quickly briefed her in a low voice saying,

"if you are not with me it will be embarrassing and also its easy if Di sees that both of us are ok and there is no cause for worry.Just open the door!"

"Haan?" Khushi was dazed. She was tiered and was also a little shaken by all the different expriences she had with ASR and now in the middle of the night when she was too scared to even breathe this new twist in their first night together and added to that her husband's voice was  a turn on especially when it was low!

Arnav felt bad for Khushi for a second! She was visibly exhausted but still looking very pleasing in that simple yet elegant outfit...he has seen it somewhere he thought for the second time in 24 hrs... and she was having her crush on him! He concluded smugly.

But this feeling lasted for a moment before Anjali's troubled voice again half whispered now in fear... "CHOTE?" 

He moved forward and since Khushi was standing infront of him still facing him, she was pushed back between him and the door!

"Kya karre aap?" She struggled! 

"Just shut up and turn around you fool!" Arnav said in an exasperated voice and she could barely turn to the door when... he opened it and stabilised an off balance Khushi by dropping his hands to her shoulders and asking Anjali, "Kya hua Di? Aap abhi soyi nahi?"

( what happened? Haven't slept yet?)

"I was about to but i heard a crashing sound and thought ...",Anjali paused and then just saw Khushi... Khushi's sindhoor has trickled down in the whole fiasco and she was blushing and Arnav had half his chest bare as from where Anjali was she could not see that the sherwani was torn! His cheek was smeared with sindoor here and there!

"Sorry eh... chote! I know you are not comfortable here and so i thought er... and well ... eh... she shook her head several times and said i forgot my brother is married now and well...." she mentally kicked herself for being so dumb. 

"sorry Khushiji she looked at Khushi who by now was too embarassed to even look up. 

"Thats ok Di aap... " Arnav could not finish what he was saying when they heard-

"Hona hi chahiye rani saahebaa. How could you be so obtuse... "shyam emerged from the shadows and put an arm round anjali.

"Aadat daaliye... aapke Chote ab bade hogaye he said while chuckling.

( Make a habit of the fact that your lil one has grown up now!) 

"Haan shyamji! Aap sahi kehrahe hai." Anjali agreed with her husband teasing Arnav.

Arnav's grip tightened on Khushi's shoulders making her to flinch! 

"Khushiji aapki ye nanand ko muaff kardijiye. Inke Chote hi inki jahaan hai aur yeh hamesha unke liye pareshaan rehthi hai!" shyam said.

Please forgive your sister-in-law as Arnav is her world and is she always thinks for him and is thus concerned)

Then he added, "Rani Saheba ab  appko saalesaab ki chintaa karneki koi Zarurath nahi hai ! Uske liye unko sabse nirali aur sayaani Khushiji jo hai! ....Yehi unki sahi maayne mein saathi hain." He added as an after thought.

( Rani saheba you can be at peace now as  sensible Khushi is with him.... who is the RIGHT  partner to him in all aspects!)

Further arnav saw shyam giving Khushi a one over and he could see a sudden flicker in Shyam's eye which infuriated him to no end.

"Aisa kuch nai hai di. I shall always be your Chote and you have a right on me which i have not shared with anyone till now and neither will I ever."

He gave a side glance to Khushi who was just caught in the entire thing... not knowing how to react.

He moved forward and hugged his DI. Anjali had tears in her eyes and both of them moved a little further comforting each other

"Aap paagal tho nai hogayi hain? kahin usney pehchan liya tho! "shyam hissed at Khushi.

(Have you gone crazy! If he finds out?) 

"Per woh kaise pehchaanenge shyaam ji ? Aap bhi kamaal karthey ho" Khushi shot back!

(You are over reacting)

"Kamaal nahi Khushiji Dhamaal kahiye! aapke woh bade hi woh hai!" Shyam teased but his eyes were serious as if he wanted to convey something serious and did not want Khushi to panic!

( Mine is Not over reaction but the entire thing is  a bang... A BIG BANG!)

Kya? Khushi sensed something astray.

"Haanji! Jo cheque aaya aapko woh inke benami khatey ka tha! !Abhi pathaa chalaa. CREATIONS unke hi naam pe hai!

( Yep! The cheque that you got is from one of the subsidiaries owned by your Husband. Creations is a Whole subsidiary of AR Industries)

"Kiska naam Ji-ja-ji" ( WHOSE NAME?) Arnav's question made them realise their conversation was no longer private.

Shyam gave Khushi a long look and smiled. He then turned and said, "I was telling Khushiji that now her destiny is etched with you as even your name is written on her hand see how beautiful it is he gestured towards Khushi's hands!"

 Arnav was holding on for his Di's sake and also he was not sure of anything yet as his investigations were still not pointing to anything as yet. He always acted with proof and never did anything in haste as he knew one pays a hefty price for doing things in haste. His father and his family was the beat example for that scenario.That was the reason he opted for this wedding as if anyone gets affected it was him at the end as he was not sure but he did not have time. ... Yes this was the best option.

But seeing Shyam talking about Khushi's mehendi infuriated him and he just lost his cool. His smart brain immediately tuned itself and with a smirk that made him even more handsome he said, " let me see how beautiful is my pretty wife's mehendi!"

His voice made Khushi's toes curl and she looked up stricken...
arnav took her hands into his and turned it so that the palms were visible and he saw his name written on them. He must say they were indeed beautiful. He must give it to Shyam for his taste! And then a plan hatched in his smart brain.

"Beautiful! He said and very slowly he raised Khushi's palms to his lips and kissed each palm oh... so...lightly!

Khushi did not know what to do as she was caught in the magical spell woven by her husband who was so adept at what he did whether it was barking orders, shouting at people or seducing his bride that she blushed and kept looking down at her feet.

Arnav touched his lips to Khushi's palms and he exactly knew what effect he was having on her and wanted Shyam to see that! He knew he never played his cards this way. ASR took it straight on! But this was a different foreground and here deceit should be conquered by stealth.

As he kissed her palms he saw Khushi... She was confused at first and extremely shy later with his public demonstration of love and lowered her eyes blushing profusely. 

And then he gazed at Shyam whose gaze told him he was calculating something and was not happy! Who would be in such circumstances Arnav thought!

As ASR looked at Shyam trimphantly...Shyam cleared his throat  saying, rani Saheba aapko nai lagtha ab hame chalnaa chahiye!" 

( Rani saheba don't you think its time we left) 

Anjali beamed at the couple visibly happy and said " Chaliye" (let's go)

As they left Arnav with Khushi's hands still in his hands pulled her in and closed the door to the passage. He instead of going into the Lord Governor ki kothi walked towards the pool Taaraavar! 

Khushi was very nervous after what happened just then and followed him as her hands were held captive in his left hand...

As they reached the pool There was a message prompt on Arnav's mobile and he read it using his right hand and he stopped while his hand tightened over her hands involuntarily.

Khushi had a strange feeling that the message brought something that was not good and a hunch developed in her that everything till now was too perfect to be true... Her dream wedding that too with a real prince charming and that too on his behest! 

"Hey Devimayya! Please be with me she prayed closing her eyes which made her to stumble. Before she fell forward, She heard a curse and the next thing she knew was that she was being pulled roughly that made her crash into the hard lithe chest of Arnav Singh Raizada!

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I am sorry but it feels bad that i don't even get a like for my work. I know a few of you read my stuff regularly. Is there any harm in letting me know how you feel and that would be a great encouragement infact as sometimes i feel why am i writing or sometimes i really wish these days someone discusses these characters with me. Not even a like. Just on esomewhere i think loooong back. Pathetic.


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