Monday, 15 October 2012

Hi there...

I have been inspired by many ... but i must say none inspired me the way IPKKND and its absolutely stunning characterisations did! Whether its ASR or Khushi it was the first ever time i became glued to an indian tele serial and i think., nay know it will be for the last time. I read a lot of IPKKND FF and i truly congratulate all of them for some excellent master pieces in fiction.Especially Appy_Indy after reading her works i really got charged to do some on my own. Thank you Appy.

For the first time i am venturing into fiction as the urge to express is immense and i hope all the IPKKND fandom will support me as we always do...kindly let me know how you feel about it. through your comments or silent readers can email me so that i know how is my narrative. Its important believe me to know how my work is...

My story is purely fictional and any resemblance to person, place or situations is purely coincidental. Also i preserved the charecter  of ASR as it is while i changed KKGSR's a little to suit my plot. I also used some other characters and the resemblance ends there. Further to this the myths and legends discussed are purely fictional and do not pertain to any person or clan living or dead.

So here i go with my  first ever IPKKND FF

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